“To Remember Our Fallen Heroes”

Letters & Emails

Below are letters, emails and other words of solace and encouragement that the Society has received from families and others touched by the loss of an officer in the line of duty.

"On That Day"

Vancouver-area Paramedic Will Rogers's poem, "On That Day," is dedicated to the memory of fallen officers.

On that day, we said hello, and marvelled at how you had your mother's eyes, your father's ears.

On that day, we held you tight and said "my child, nothing will hurt you".

On that day, we all cried together, tears of joy.

On that day, our world changed forever.

On another day, you took your first step and your world had changed forever.

On another day, you fell off your bike and we said, "We will show you how to be careful and safe".

On another day, you went to school for the first time, and were away all day.

On another day, you got into trouble at school, and you said "wow you can fix anything".

On another day, you said "we are not dating but I really like them".
On another day, you drove the car by yourself, and our world had changed forever.

On that day, you finished high school we all cried tears of joy.

On another day, you sat us down and said "I am going to serve".

On that day our lives changed forever.

On another day, you wore your uniform for the first time, and we said "we are so proud of you".

On another day, they gave you a weapon and your life changed forever.

On another day, you swore "I will do my duty and help to keep you safe.

On another day, some may have said "Mom Dad, I'm getting married".

On another day, some may have said "they have my eyes".

On that day, you went out on your first shift, your first deployment. On that day, you said "I'll be fine", "I will be careful", "I will be back", and "I love you".

On that day, at that moment the phone rang. Door had a knock some how I just knew, it was bad. At that moment, my world fell out from under me and has changed forever. At that moment, I knew I could not fix this.

On that day, you did your duty.

On that day, we could not keep you safe.

On that day, we are left missing you with heavy hearts.

On that day, you died doing what you loved, for your community, for your county.

On that day we lost you.

On this day we gather to pay tribute to you and are reminded of your sacrifice.

And on this day we say goodbye.