“To Remember Our Fallen Heroes”

Initiatives Funded by the Society

The Police & Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Society was established to honour and remember all Officers who have died in the line of duty. In using the Memorial Ribbon as a symbol of mourning, we are able to honour those officers. Through the sale of the Memorial Ribbons (and other Memorial Products), the Society was able to donate funds to the following, "To Remember our Fallen Heroes":

Since 2000, the Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Society has donated over $100,000 to trusts, scholarships, bursaries, monuments, and memorials.

Canadian Recipients

  • BC Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation (British Columbia)
  • Glen Evely Trust Fund (British Columbia)
  • Wahl Audi Scholarship Fund (British Columbia)
  • Sgt. Larry Young Memorial Park - Vancouver (British Columbia)
  • 'E' Division RCMP Members Memorial (in Memory of Cst. Jimmy Ng) (British Columbia)
  • 'E' Division RCMP Members Memorial (British Columbia)
  • Strathcona County Memorial Fund in memory of Cpl. Jim Galloway and Cst. Ghislain Maurice (Alberta)
  • Fallen Four Memorial Society - Monument Park in Mayorthorpe (Alberta)
  • Fallen RCMP Family Fund (Alberta)
  • Cst. Agostinho Memorial Park - Leduc (Alberta)
  • RCMP 'F' Division SPOF Fund in memory of Cst. Marc Bourdage and Cst. Robin Cameron (Saskatchewan)
  • Windsor Police Association "Family Trust" in memory of Cst. John Atkinson (Ontario)
  • St. Lawrence College Foundation - Douglas Scott Memorial Fund (Ontario)
  • Alan Kuzmich Memorial Scholarship Fund (Ontario)
  • Chris Garrett Family Trust Fund (Ontario)
  • Chris Garrett Memorial Park (Ontario)
  • Cst. Ellis Trust Fund (Ontario)
  • Daniel Tessier Family Trust - Laval Police (Quebec)
  • Valerie Gignac Trust Fund (Quebec)
  • Nicholas Rochette Trust Fund (Quebec)
  • Fernand Vachon Trust Fund (Quebec)
  • Cpl. Antonio Arseneault Family Trust (Quebec)
  • RESP for Alexis Lavoie in memory of Cst. Eric Lavoie - Laval (Quebec)
  • Suicide Action Montreal Charity in memory of Cst. Sébastien Coghlan-Goyette (Quebec)
  • Seargeant Mark Gallagher Vocational School Campaign (Nova Scotia)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Association (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Pargeter Trust Fund (Northwest Territories)
  • Christopher Worden Family Trust (Alexis Worden Trust Fund) (Northwest Territories)

Canadian Military

  • Randy Payne Family Trust (Canadian Armed Forces - Military Police)

US Recipients

  • WTC Police Disaster Relief Fund
  • NYPD Relief Fund

Inquire About Funding

Please contact us to discuss funding for initiatives related to the Society's objectives.